NFT Artist & Graphic Designer • 2012-2023

My name is Mert Ozdemir as know as Cracksy. I am a 22-year-old graphic designer and student at Istanbul University, studying Graphic Design. I first discovered my passion for design back in 2012 and have been dedicated to it ever since.


In the beginning, my focus was mainly on graphic design, but as I grew and learned more about the industry, I decided to branch out and explore other areas of design, such as 3D NFT art. I am constantly seeking new challenges and ways to improve my skills, and I am always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate and create with other talented artists.


Despite my young age, I have already gained a significant amount of experience in the field and have worked on a wide range of projects for both personal and professional clients. I am dedicated, hardworking, and always strive to produce the best possible work, no matter the task at hand.


I am excited to see where my career in design will take me and am determined to continue learning and growing as an artist.